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Working with Tesseract OCR – Ubuntu

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Step 1 : Install Tesseract using the command

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr

Step 2 : Install the following dependencies

sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool
sudo apt-get install libpng12-dev
sudo apt-get install libjpeg62-dev
sudo apt-get install libtiff4-dev
sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev
sudo apt-get install libicu-dev      # (if you plan to make the training tools)
sudo apt-get install libpango1.0-dev # (if you plan to make the training tools)
sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev   # (if you plan to make the training tools

Some useful Links :


2.How to add  new fonts in training phase (small but presice)

3.Training procedure  given in google site

A orientation program for 1st year UG Tamil Literature students

A orientation program for 1st year UG Tamil Literature students

Dear all , On 02nd July 2014 , a orientation program for 1st year UG Tamil Literature students was held . Around 60 students participated in the program . From FSFTN , I  went with nice presentations in Tamil Computing on the following areas .

1.Tamil Computing

2.Tamil Wikipedia

3.Free Software and Freedoms .

But , had to modify my presentation at the last moment as the students in the first row were visually challenged . In general the reception was awesome . They were receptive to the ideas and were enthusiastic  . Hope to carry on the good the work there .

Photos are available here .

Education Freedom Day – 2014 –> Awesome students, Awesome event

Education Freedom Day – 2014 , taught me more than the sum total of near about  100 seminars and guest lectures  which I have taken before that . We at Free Software Foundation , Tamilnadu (FSFTN)  decided to go ahead with Government School kids and celebrate the EFD-2014 with them on 24th January 2014 . For a change we told to the  students that we would present them a book to the student who asks questions rather than who answer questions  . This was our tactics to break the ice , but  it broke my misconception that college students were more intelligent than school kids .

ImageHere is how it   started .Having announced the book presenting  , the session began in Bilingual mode  – of slides in English and speaking in Tamil .Though the projector was present  the screen was not there , neither was the time to arrange  the screen in its place as students  came way before we entered the hall .So we used the black board as projector screen as well as black board . (Freedom 0  – Use the program for any purpose 😉 )

UntitledThe one in the right  is the first slide which I use in every presentation that I do irrespective of the subject or technology which I handle . By this I  mean that I teach and in that process , I learn . In short I share 🙂

After showing the first slide I was still in wondering  .How am I going to explain the difference that Linux is a kernel and not an operating system . ? So started with something they were familiar – windows operating system  .I asked them what all operating system they know . The answer was Windows XP  , 8 , 2000 etc. It increased my self confidence . Yes , they are starting to interact with me . This is what I needed , now I can share with them what Free Software is and what freedom actually means. Next I asked them is there any other operating system you guys know . Right corner a girl gave the answer .” In governent’s free laptop scheme there is BOSS operating system “

Then  , I explained on the board B -> Bharat O  ->Operating S -> System

UntitledThe girl in the first row politely asked a question , Sir , what does other “S” in BOSS stand for .  I was happy . The first question has come  . But , I could not recollect  what that  second “S” stood for . I accepted that I forgot and I announced – This girl gets the first book ;)At that moment had some one taken a pic of mine it would have given  a classical example of oxymoron –  what it was like to be questioned , not know the answer and yet be happy.

I said to myself  – ” They are opening up for ideas. Must not miss the opportunity “

Now I wanted to get a little bit technical and asked what an hardware is  . The answer came as – the stuffs in computer which we can touch and feel . Okay . Then I went to what a software is , and got the perfect answer for it . Now I thought , will ask them what memory is and what are different storage types .Their answer was spot on . Then I asked what a RAM is . Chorus – Random-access memory  . Aiming to get the answer that  I have in mind (Volatile memory) , I asked them  so , whats the other name for RAM . Now this is the happiest part  . I thought that I would give them clues after clues , that it would start in V and end in E , but before I could turn to the board the answer came out – Volatile memory .They explained to me what a swap memory was :))

I said to myself the famous quote in Pearl harbour

”  The smart enemy attacks you exactly where you think you are safe”
– Admiral Kimmel:

Next came the 4 freedoms .

I normally start with what is “free”  ? Students mostly give answers of free as in free coffee . Based on that , this is my actual slide .

UntitledHere when I asked what is free , the students replied freedom as in Free thinking  . What do you expect me to do 😦 The idea which I am supposed to tell in the next slide is being given as a answer to me in the previous slide .

I was very happy that its going in right direction 🙂

Things were going well , at one point when  I told that various “GNU/Linux operating systems” were present  , a  kid from last chair got up and stopped me .! Sir , you previously told that Linux is not an operating system . Now you are contradicting your statement . I was like , madam – I previously told Linux , now I use GNU/Linux , so this is an operating system .

I was seriously feeling like voooohaaa .

Even the minute details are being noticed by the kids , which I normally dont see among college students  .  I was very happy to handover the kid  a copy of the  book ;)The event went great . They grasped the concepts with ease . The synergy worked well . Did not want to break the flow  . But still all good things come to end . So does school by 3.20 PM.  So ,  had to end it somewhere there  with how community works and what Education Freedom actually means and what freedom actually means .

The stuffs which I learned from them :

1.I was not a sir in that room . I had 120 madams who taught me each and every line of what Free Software is all about .
2.The school students are less corrupted by the education system . Its the higher education which in name of chanellising them narrows their vision .

Dear activists , break the shackles . Don’t stay in IIT’s and elite institues . Not even in  colleges . Come to the schools . Interact with the students . You will understand that we have a Free Software World to Win 🙂

Would like to thank  Mrs. G.P Kamalavathy ,  Head Mistress  of the school  , Mr. S.K Gulam Thasthahir , Asst.Head Master of the school   and  Mr.Tamizhmani, Computer science teacher and the EFD team which thought of celebrating something called as EFD 🙂

A special thanks to  our  FSFTN volunteer team which worked hard to make the event a grand success -Raj Anand , Suthir ,Nappinnai , Anupama ,Welkin . And last but not least –   Prasanth who pushed me to write this blog  😉

Photos at – EFD – 2014

Punnagai Community Computing Centre

Punnagai Community Computing Centre



Mailing list archive present here


Hi all , 
Greetings .
Please find the attachements as  invitation to join the Punnagai - Distro events .
If the odt is not opening fine , please paste the font file in your system.
Hope a large number of people participate in it and make it a grand success .:)
Sibi , 
Fsftn , Part of FSMI. 

The pamplet which I wrote for punnagai .

More photos and experiences to folow .

The first 4 day Industry Oriented training camp on GNU/Linux @ SSN July 2008

Though this is considered as lauch pad for my entry into Free Software movement  , there were other under same / relevant banner in chennai . This was the first excersise of which I was part of . Prior to that , I dont have any idea of what Free Software is or what FSF or FSFTN or FSFI or FSMI any other organisation or technical name what so ever was . It was probably in the month of June that one of my Father’s friend asked me to help people from Andra who are going around to colleges to get help in conducting a workshop . That was the time when I met Siddarth . There were Balaji , pawan , vinay , nakul ,raghavendra ,chaitu ,arvindkumar , baghath , sundhar , chinthan , srinivasanvijayan.Even before I met them there were many activities going around .

Initially we approached my college(HIndustan College of Engineering ) to conduct a 4 day workshop .But it did not work out . Then we approached SSN college , where Subash Babu sir offered to help us readily and Mr.Balasubramanian was the event coordinator . One must remember that there was no finance with us . Nothing . Zero . I used to see that Siddarth and others spend money from their pocket . Also the transportation in 2008 in Old Mahabalipuram was not that good . But still we use to travel the lenght and breadth of it . Now imagine the situation in our hand- Got permission for conducting the event , but how will we bring students ?? Its certainly not going to be a easy task of going around colleges and telling to students to come for an event about the word which even I was not clear about .Then I started reading philosophies behind GNU/Linux  . It was quite interesting 😉

Next comes the challenge . We got to travel almost to all colleges in OMR and start our campaign .On June 9th,  a seminar Freedom and Software at SRM Easwari Engineering College by Siddhartha Malempati for which I accompanied him . I could see how he took the session . He commanded the respect of the students . The crowd was little bit wavery , as we were given just 45 minutes , that too before the lunch break 😉 But he handled the crowd well . It was a great learning lesson for me . July 2nd, a session on Free Software by Chaianya Muppala (FSFTN)at Dr. Paul Engineering College in Pondicherry.This excercise for me was a challenge . WHile others were employed and could go by auto or call taxi , I could not do that .I took a 30 Rs pass ( Popularly called as one day pass) and would travel the city moving around colleges 🙂 .Our end of the day meeting point would be Balaji’s office in Gream’s Road  .We used to eat at Fruit Shop @ Greams road for some time .At this point of time , I enjoyed the tiredness 🙂 Everyone would love to be tired 🙂  After Vigerous campaigning we were able to bring around 200+ sudents – 2 seperate weekends July 19th, 20th and July 26th and 27th. We managed an enthusiastic crowd .