2010 – 14 , August OSCO event in Madurai

2010 – 14 , August OSCO event in Madurai

Original call for participation / Call for speakers – Here

– Licensing concerns in reuse of Free/Open Source Software

14 , August 2010 . Probably the first event outside Chennai for FSFTN . (Check again with Kalasalingam Event)

Explain about :

1)Travel from Coimbatore/ Bangalore to Madurai
2)The excellent crowd – The hall was full .!
3)Though it was a paid event neither FSFTN nor myself got any amount from the organisers except to and fro sleeper class ticket and a nice Lunch + Dinner

4)Subsequent to this FSFTN got opportunity to conduct event in KLN engineering college . (Will be updated subsequently)
5)Mention the background – I am in notice period . Have to start preparing for my civil service exams .

Photos here


Community Computing Initiatives

I have been part of the following Community Computing Initiatives . General introduction about What CCC is and how its different from NGO type activity . Travels and voluntary involvement in these .

1)AC3 Bangalore – Ambedkar Community Computing centre – Photos

What is special about AC3 ?

How I used to travel to AC3 after my office hours ?

Links to watch :


<<Write a seperate post>>

2) THeerthamalai COmputing centre – In hill area

<<Write a seperate post>> The links to photos also
3) Community computing centre @ Mylapore

Photos @ flickr

<<Write a seperate post>> answering these questions

1)How the idea was brought about within FSFTN ? Experience from FSMK AC3 model ..

2)Sucess of Subramaniya Barathi Study circle in IIT Madras .

3)Bringing in new active members .

4)What was the funding model ? Who all contributed ? Mention Anupama’s teacher who contributed monthly

5)Why did the experiment fail ?

6)What was my personal learnings ?

7)What was the learning for the movement ?

8)Explain under what circumastances I would come to the class :
Starting from ACL , coming and teaching students here , returning back to home

9)Mention notable contributions – Like local area DYFI people , the house owner , kids who drew paintings for , the pivot was Thilaka . How she came into the movement and how she later went off .

10)There was a stall and pamplets were given during Stallman event for CCC (Try to get a copy of it

Is a Grassroot level Free Software movement possible in India ?

<Not to be read > — Will formulate my questions and then slowly start to answer them from my perspective
What is intellecutal movement ?

What is Grass root level movement ?

Is Free software merely a technical superiority ?

What is the need for a “movement” within a technical “community” or “communities”


Is it unnecessary or unviable to bring a social angle to the technology ?

Is the idea of “Free Knowledge” and “Free Culture” viable in a  feudal Khap-Panchayat  era ?

Is the number of events a parameter to measure success or no of people brought into the organisation / community  a parameter of success or is it a immeasurale factor which is a mix of both  ?

Is code contribution the only kind of contribution ? Why are there less code contributors in India and more “evangalists”?